Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Favorites - Halloween Version 2015

Happy Halloween everyone! I've rounded up a few of my favorite Halloween pictures - pumpkins, costumes, party ideas! 
Favorite Carved Pumpkins
Here are my 3 favorite carved pumpkins I found online.  How cute is this minion??
I also love these black cat pumpkins! The eyes light up at night!
And how cool are these porcupine pumpkins?!
source- Martha Stewart
Favorite Halloween Party Ideas
One, how cool would it be to recreate the floating candle ceiling from Harry Potter? Um, AWESOME. You can do it by using old toilet paper and paper towel rolls along with faux candles. You can get the tutorial here
picture source here
Also, if you're throwing a party, I think this Halloween playlist seems pretty good.

Favorite Halloween Food
There are literally *tons* of cute Halloween themed recipes out there.   My favorite is still these caramel chocolate apples from Between Naps on the Porch. Look at how cute they are!!

source and recipe
Favorite Animal Costume
Have you seen the video of pirate cat? If not, you need to watch it. The cat even walks like it has a wooden leg but I think it's really walking slowly as its plotting its revenge on its owner!

Favorite Costume...
If I were to dress up this year I would dress up as Professor Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter.  She's got a cool witch hat and you could play with a wand. How fun!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkin Festival 2015

Every year down at our local ranch they hold a pumpkin festival.  They actually hold several! One is a gourd festival and another is a Fall harvest festival. We went to both as it really is our biggest form of entertainment out here in the country!  I had fun looking at of all of the different pumpkins!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites #18

Apple Picking
This past weekend my in-laws visited and my husband and I took them to go apple picking! It was a lot of fun!  Although, I thought the farm we were going to was u-pick, but instead they had all the apples already picked in bins.  Oh well, the apples were still YUMMY and we had the best fresh pressed apple juice and an amazing apple cider donut.  After the apple picking, we went home and baked a homemade apple pie! You can get the recipe HERE, it really is the best apple pie ever.
So the pie top crust ripped a little bit... oh well... it still tastes good!
Mackenzie Child's Christmas
We got the MK Christmas catalog in the mail this week and I had so much fun flipping through it.  Here are a few things I am thinking about...
I like these Christmas candles, aren't they fun??
 I like this chef pig ornament... for *years* in my bedroom as a kid I had a little pig animal that sat in a doll's high chair and wore a chef's hat (a Halloween costume from one year) and this pig totally reminds me of my childhood! But WHYYYY are the ornaments so expensive??
In fact, they had this cute little piggy ornament wearing MK boots which I loved but I didn't buy it because it was too expensive.  Now I'm kicking myself that I didn't get it. I have an eternal search on eBay for it but alas, no luck.
I will most likely get this JOY banner. I think it is really really cute. 

Everyday I'm Puzzling (get it, like the song?)
Had fun putting together this 1000 piece puzzle this weekend! Do you like to puzzle?  Doing puzzles is something we tend to do in the Fall and Winter when it starts to get cold out and when it's dark by 6pm.  I realized I really like the Americana scene puzzles... each little area of the puzzle has a little scene you can work on which is fun. I bought a lot off of eBay... I swear, eBay is like the best place to shop. Mom always said, "Never Pay Retail".  The only downside of buying puzzles off of eBay... pieces *may* be missing. Oh well! I guess that's what you get a bargain!

Fall/Winter Fashion
Here are some things that are on my fashion wish-list, although to be honest it is still in the 80s here! I think a cape would be super fun to wear this Winter! Like the one below... 
I 've had my eye on a Barbour coat for quite some time, but since it hasn't rained here in like 5 months I can't really see myself getting a raincoat. Although, El Nino is supposed to come and drop a bunch of rain so maybe I will need a new rain coat.
And, not that I need any more shoes, but I love the LL Bean boots.  If I still lived in the NW I would have these already... but since I don't, I will just stare at them instead. *contains affiliate links below

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Poison Garden... Enter if You Dare!

Have you ever heard of the poison garden? I thought I would share this spooky garden since Halloween is just around the corner. It is located within the formal gardens of Alnwick Garden which is located in Northumberland, England.  Of course the garden is in England... they seem to have a garden for everything over there!
entrance to the Poison Garden, pic from Smithsonian

Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween Table Decorations 2015

Happy Halloween!! Yes, it's a little early, but isn't everything in blogland?  I had fun putting together this spook-tacular table!  This is my most terrifying table I have put together complete with ghastly ghosts and bloodcurdling bats!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Favorites #17

Has another week flown by? Here are my favorites from this week!

Pumpkin Festival
This weekend we went to our local ranch and checked out their pumpkin festival!  How much fun!  Look at all of these pumpkins??? I'll just share a few pictures... I think I'll share the rest in another post during Halloween week!

 Antique Show
This past weekend we went to a local antique show.  The show was pretty small.  I had fun looking at silver patterns.  Someday I intend to buy a set of sterling silver, but I just don't know what pattern to choose!  I think I have narrowed it down to these two:
The one below is "Versailles" by Gorham.  What I like about this set is that every piece has a different motif on the handle which I think makes it very interesting.

The other set I quite like is "Francis 1" by Reed & Barton.  What I noticed I like in sterling patterns is I like them to be ornate and over-the-top. I feel like if you're going to dine with sterling, the pattern should be a bit over-the-top because dining with sterling IS over the top. There are some other rarer patterns of sterling I like too, but these two are much more common and are much easier to get a good bargain from an auction.
Christmas in the Stores
What? Christmas before Halloween? YES, please. I love Christmas. Christmas decorations are the cutest, so why should they be up for the shortest time of year? Makes no sense to me. The second Halloween is over I start putting up Christmas. I confess, I may be listening to some classical christmas music right now as I'm typing this up. Any who, we've been debating about what to put in our big giant windows that face outside this year.  I'm debating between two things... a giant Christmas wreath or a giant star.  They are around the same price. What do you think? 

iPhone Cases
We're due for new iPhones next month so I thought I'd get a head start and look for a new case for my future phone.  I need a case for my phone because I drop the phone all. the. time.  I am going to get the rose gold iPhone 6s this time.  Here are some that I've got my eye on... although I just discovered on zazzle there are a million billion cases to choose from. Vote for your favorite below...

Birthday Cake
My aunt's birthday was this weekend and we brought her a birthday cake.  It is called a "Princess Torte"... the outside is covered in a layer of marzipan. It is filled with white chocolate whipped cream, vanilla cake, and layers of raspberry filling. Um, YUM! Isn't it cute with the sugar flower??

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